Carb bel

CARB-BAL Gymnema-Plus Capsules

Carb-Bal is designed to help keep you on track with the Alpha LipidTM Ultra DietTM 2 Weight Management Programme.

By assisting with the balanced uptake of carbohydrates you eat each day, Carb-Bal can help you to:

  • Achieve reduced carbohydrate intake
  • Help control blood sugar fluctuations
  • Help regulate appetite and minimize food cravings
  • Manage weight in conjunction with a healthy eating and exercise plan
Active Ingredients:

Dosage: Adults: One capsule with water 30 minutes before meals 1–3 times daily



Designed with ingredients to support blood sugar balance, satiety in between regular meals and healthy muscle mass, Alpha Lipid™ SDII™ helps to maintain healthy weight as part of a weight management programme that includes dietary changes and exercise.

A comprehensive blend of high quality isolated non-GMO soy protein (75%), fibre, Green Tea leaf extract, vitamins and minerals. The Alpha Lipid™ SDII™ Meal Supplement contains no artificial sweeteners or flavours and helps to ensure that your body has all the essential nutrients including protein so that fat remains the primary fuel and you maintain muscle mass and tone. Each serve provides 10 grams of useable protein which counts towards your daily requirement. Click here to watch a video on how to prepare a drink of Alpha Lipid™ SDII™.

Dosage: 15 g (2 scoops) 4 times daily at breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Mix with 250ml of water - shake well to combine. The FibreMax powder can be blended with the Alpha Lipid™ SDII™ shakes.

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Fibre is a plant based material that passes through the small intestines undigested and moves into the bowel, for this reason it does not have a calorie value.

FibreMax is a blend of chicory root extract, psyllium, soy fibre, oat bran and pectin. Made from a blend of both soluble and insoluble fibre, the ingredients have been shown to:

  • Support healthy blood glucose
  • Support gut health and digestive comfort
  • Support bowel health and regularity
  • Provide natural support to manage a normal appetite

Take 1 - 4 scoops (7.5 - 30g) daily - it is recommended to start with 1 scoop daily and increase gradually. Can be blended with the Alpha Lipid™ SDII™ daily shakes (½ - 1 scoop per shake) or added to food.

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Ketone Strips


The Alpha Lipid™ SDII™ Weight Management Programme is based on ketosis - the natural process of burning fat for energy. The Uriscan ketone measuring strips are a unique feature of the programme, allowing you to monitor ketones in the urine.

  • Use with first void of the day before breakfast
  • Insert the strip with the test pad into the mid-stream of urine, or collect a sample and dip into the sample only enough to cover the test pad
  • Wait 60 seconds then compare the colour on the test strip to the colour chart on the container
  • Ideal colour for the Alpha Lipid™ SDII™ Programme is between 5 and 10

Caution: being in the ++50 or above reading does not increase your weight loss and could lead to increased health risks. Never become dehydrated when in ketosis.

Turbo Shaker


The Turbo Shaker is great for mixing Alpha Lipid™ SDII™ or FibreMax with your favourite ingredients.

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