Have you ever stopped to question why when we have so many diet foods available, we are in fact getting fatter, not thinner? Obviously there’s a bit more to weight management than just counting calories.

The food we eat triggers various responses in our body. Food that is high in refined carbohydrates or sugar are broken down into a simple sugar called glucose and absorbed into the blood very quickly. The body responds to this surge in blood glucose by releasing enough insulin to get the glucose out of the blood and into cells for energy, or storage for use later on. Guess what form it’s often stored as? That’s right, fat!

To help with your weight management goals you need to learn which foods should be dumped from the diet, and which ones should be included.

The Alpha Lipid™ Slim Diet II™ Weight Management Programme doesn’t count calories, instead it will teach you to identify and include high quality foods in your everyday life that will form the foundation of your ongoing health, wellness & weight management.