Alpha Lipid SD2

Alpha Lipid™ SDII™ is based on assisting your body in its natural process to burn fat instead of glucose or muscle tissue. Burning fat creates ketones in the body which are used as energy and can be measured (called Ketosis).

Alpha Lipid™ SDII™ combines tasty protein supplement shakes, with a simple food management plan to reduce carbohydrate intake, attainable exercise regimes and useful tools and education. The complete package!

It's time to forget about your old diet and join the thousands of others currently enjoying healthy and maintainable weight loss with Alpha Lipid™ SDII™.

Alpha Lipid SD2
Alpha Lipid™ SD2™ Toolkit

A helpful toolkit that provides a list of documents to assist you with your Alpha Lipid™ SDII™ programme.

8 Steps to Weight Management Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid How to Maintain your Weight

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